Our newest member is VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt.

Our newest member is VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt., founded in 1927 under the name MAVART, represented by Zoltán Pafféri, with HUF almost 84 billion sales revenue with 18066 employees for 2020. VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. is a passenger bus company with a history of more than 90 years; it provides its services with more than 6,200 vehicles nationwide, making it the third largest state-owned company in Hungary in terms of the number of employees.

The basis of the company’s environmental responsibility is sustainable technology change. According to the company, the future of quality public transport is the application of sustainable, environmentally friendly technologies and, at the same time, the provision of a high-quality service, which is a real alternative to individual modes of transport powered by fossil fuels.

In the name of sustainable development, VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. constantly strives to procure the most modern environmentally friendly and zero-emission buses. The company aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 113,000 tons per year by 2050. VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. also considers it important to promote the development of green areas in workplace communities, therefore at the end of 2020 it announced an internal tender for the flowering of its bus stations. Greening was carried out at more than thirty bus stations as part of the tender, by employees.

VOLÁNBUSZ Zrt. does not only provide but also encourages selective waste collection at its sites. The shuttle bus plays a key role in domestic public transport, providing the basic supply of bus transport in the country. The company’s basic goal is to function as a professionally prepared, efficient and economical transport company that meets the needs of travel and customers which can open up new markets.

The basic goal of their membership is to cooperate with like-minded partners and professional organizations.