Products made from recycled materials in the offer of SPAR

The store chain dedicated to sustainability offers to its customers such bags and accessories in its loyalty promotion starting on 11st June that are made from reused and recycled materials produced by totally environmentally friendly technique. The products of the point collecting promotion are practical with clean form and colour design and prove in practice the appropriateness of alternative use of materials and technology.

SPAR in its new loyalty promotion offers to its customers the quality Re-Generation bags and Koziol picnic tools made by the most modern environmentally friendly technologies. The 10 types of products are available with 66-70% discount by the collection of the necessary loyalty points, but they can also be purchased at full price of course.

 „Our company dedicated to sustainability applies during its operation more and more such technologies with which it encourages its customers to the active, environmentally-conscious behaviour. That is why we are happy to cooperate with the brands Re-Generation and Koziol because we offer in our loyalty promotion such practical tools used with daily or regular frequency that are made by environmentally friendly procedure. The material of the bags is recycled PET bottles, while 100% of the material of the Koziol food boxes can be re-melted, thus the raw material can be returned into the production cycle.” – said Márk Maczelka, Head of Communication.

All of the Re-Generation products that is the 7 types of device included in the present SPAR loyalty promotion – backpack, laptop backpack, travel bag, backpack combined with shoulder bag, multifunctional universal holder, belt and/or shoulder bag, case for holding laptop and documents – are made from recycled plastic bottle. On all of the uniquely two colour toned, developed by Italian top design, unisex and with timeless style, sporty elegant accessories is indicated that how many PET bottles were used to produce them. For example, the backpack is made from the grist of 20 bottles.


The grey and black outer fabric, the black lining, the shoulderstraps and the handles of the company’s bags are produced 100% from recycled PET bottles. Besides the strict production regulations and the quality tests carried out compulsorily and optionally, the factory manufacturing the threads and fabrics serving as raw materials for the products has GRS – Global Recycled Standard certificate which guarantees that the recycled contents and the controlled chemical ingredients meet the requirements. The producer ensures the appropriate production safety, traceability and also the good environmental practice. The raw material used for production is provided from the bottles sold in the commercial market and collected back from the customers, furthermore even the product specifications are printed on paper deriving from certified forestry.

The Organic collection of the more than 90 years old German Koziol company awarded professionally several times combines all of the advantages of thermoplastic plastic without negative side effects with the positive features of natural cellulose. The final result is a maximally environmentally friendly 100% reusable product family. 3 products of the brand in the promotion of SPAR starting in June, the 2-piece food box set and the also 2-piece lunch box set and the flask are also that kind. The company uses during its production processes 90% less energy than during the production of glass, ceramic and aluminium. The planned life cycle for use of its products is more than 10 years, but soon the recycling of plastic articles scrapped after many years of use will be an opportunity.

The point collecting promotion started on 11st June 2020 and ended on 16th September 2020 in the INTERSPAR, City SPAR, SPAR partner and SPAR market stores. The customers get 1 loyalty point after every spent HUF 1000 which point can be stuck into the collecting booklet. If they collect 20 stickers in one collecting booklet, they can buy one of the 10 products at the indicated reduced price. To the purchase, the collecting booklet containing the necessary 20 points and the selected product shall be given to the cashier and the SPAR colleagues validate immediately the discount.

The customers can redeem the loyalty points between 11st June 2020 and 27th September 2020 until the product stock lasts. The detailed rules of participation is available on the website and in the stores participating in the loyalty promotion.

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