Red mud recovery

Red mud is a large-scale hazardous waste that, due to its metal content, is of great value, so its complex recovery is an increasingly urgent issue worldwide.

In the framework of the project  GINOP-2.2.1-15-2017-00106: „Extraction of rare earth elements and secondary raw materials production in the framework of the complex utilization of red mud” led by Martin Metals Ltd, through several years of work in our research institute, we have developed a laboratory-scale technology that has been able to extract and separate the most important (in terms of value) components with high efficiency.

The technology consists of easy-to-implement and scalable steps using accessible and inexpensive chemicals. We placed great emphasis on the recyclability of the chemicals we used, while also maximizing efficiency.

The recovered and separated components can be integrated into the production processes of different raw materials (Al-, Fe-, Ti-production) with little effort, and we obtained approximately one hundred times the enrichment of the most important micro-constituent (scandium) compared to the starting red mud.

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