SPAR launches new supplier system for domestic producers with the budget of 1.7 billion HUF

As result of the proceedings of the Hungarian Competition Authority, the retail chain establishes a new regional partnership programme for Hungarian small producers and small enterprises. The vast market provided through directly supporting domestic farmers and small family enterprises, and the nationwide network of the company, also enables creating new jobs. Shoppers will be identify these products from the red apple logo and the “Régiók Kincsei” (Treasures of Regions) label in SPAR stores.

“Our company prioritises supporting Hungarian producers and enterprises, domestic agriculture, which is demonstrated by the fact that almost 90% of all the food products we distribute are sourced from Hungary. The newly-formed network of local small suppliers will further contribute to this in practice. This establishes new purchasing and distribution routes, in addition to the existing sales channels. The Treasures of Regions (Régiók Kincsei) initiative provides tangible support to small family enterprises and private businesses trading with locally-produced agricultural products to take a step forward,” explained Márk Maczelka, head of communications at SPAR Hungary.

Following the proceedings of the competition authority, SPAR is developing a new regional supplier system in 2021, with implementation fully completed by 2022. The program with a budget of 1.7 billion HUF will increase the sales opportunities of Hungarian small producer suppliers, and will also create new jobs. The aim of the new supplier system integrate many small suppliers carrying out top-quality production activities at the regional level.

The initiative seeks small Hungarian suppliers and producers that provide high-quality domestic products at affordable prices, and ensure product availability in the long term. They are viewed as a well-known and respected enterprises, “Local Heros” in their region, and they set examples for others with their products and activities, creating value that is compatible with SPAR’s corporate principles.

The programme directly supports strengthening local economies. The development effectively contributes to introducing domestic products to the market, which follow traditions and ensure quality and craftsmanship, providing small producers with an opportunity to develop, and also guides the international retail chains to increase the proportion of Hungarian products on their shelves compared to imported products. This initiative also aims to find the shortest supply route, contributing to sustainable economy and production. So far, the “Treasures of Regions” initiative is creating 23 new jobs at SPAR by the end of 2022 and it is also expected to increase employee numbers of the suppliers.

In order to extend the sales opportunities of local small producer suppliers, SPAR gradually establishes six regional supplier centres in major towns, including Nyíregyháza, Pécs and Győr, as well as Székesfehérvár, Zalaegerszeg and Hódmezővásárhely. The centres are already opening in the latter towns in 2021. The regional system targets new micro, small and medium enterprise suppliers in 90%, and also means an extension of current small producer partnerships of the chain. In addition, it improves the chances of domestic small local producers as a whole, supports the development of the local economy and stimulates the demand for local products. The company is also creating a “supplier academy”: it also helps suppliers with training in quality assurance, logistics, warehousing and marketing.

10-13 SPAR stores located in the vicinity of the county regional centres are linked to the new programme. These are selected to make sure that based on base area and retail space, range of products and turnover they can be the most efficient to support the initiative. The selection of the units also takes into consideration sales experience and ideal logistics routes. Producers that meet the requirements of regular goods delivery are primarily sought after based on the latter criteria, as it is in the common interest – of the new partner, the company and the customers – to get the products on the shelves as soon as possible, keeping in mind the quality guarantee as well. In each case, the retail chain relies on the local resources and capacities of the regions of each centre.

The company has established a dedicated interface for those who wish to join the SPAR supplier family. It is easy to apply using the already operating website, by providing the requested information. The targeted provision of information to customers related to local goods is supported by dedicated awareness-raising goods dispensers in the stores – shelves in the INTERSPAR hypermarkets and display booths in the SPAR supermarkets. A website assisting customers is also operated, available through the following link:

SPAR considers it very important that according to the plans, following the complete establishment of the system, at least a hundred small producers will become supplier partners of the corporation, thus also extending the range of goods with domestic products. The addition of products designated with the red apple logo, from producers known by local residents will contribute to shopping experience and will develop a more direct connection between the stores and the consumers.

For more information please contact:

Márk Maczelka, head of communications

SPAR Magyarország Kereskedelmi Kft. ∙ 2060, Bicske, SPAR út

Mobile: +36 20 823 7891 ∙ E-mail:

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