SPAR supports also the UNICEF child protection programme besides the catering of epidemiological workers

SPAR helps with even more sandwiches the hard work of people in the hospitals within the civil initiative Feed the Doctor!. Furthermore based on the call for proposal of UNICEF Magyarország, the company provides financial support and sandwiches to children living in child protection care and people working in the child protection system.

„We are so grateful for the workers in the Hungarian health care who perform heroic work day by day during the coronavirus epidemic. We noticed that they need additional help, therefore we extends the Feed the Doctor! initiative and contribute with further 2.000 sandwiches to the catering of doctors and nurses working in hospitals of the capital city. However besides the health care sector, another group being in a particularly endangered situation also needs attention. SPAR has also joined to the call for proposal of UNICEF Magyarország that tries to help those children concerned the most vulnerable in the coronavirus epidemic who cannot rely on anyone else. We support them in our way as well because children living in child protection care are those, who are the most defenseless against the epidemic and the crisis connected to it” – said Márk Maczelka, head of communication at SPAR.

Besides health care, people working in the child protection sector received little attention, although they are also working hard. The work of UNICEF Magyarország is exemplary that strives for helping the child protection institutional system and the underprivileged, sick children in difficult situation during the epidemic. SPAR gives HUF 2 million financial support for the work of UNICEF Magyarország and provides 1.000 sandwiches for the catering of children living in child protection institutions and the professionals taking care of them.

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