Sustainability and innovation remain a key focus for National Mobile Payment Plc.

The National Mobile Payment Plc. (NM Plc. or the Company) aims to offer its customers convenient and secure innovative payment solutions in many areas of everyday life, significantly reducing the environmental impact, cash and paper usage – whether it is parking, e-vignette or ticket purchase, taking full advantage of digital ecosystems or making optimal use of public transport.

The Company is a key player in the cash-saving digitalisation process in Hungary, and its role in the introduction and education of modern financial solutions is undeniable, as it provides services via a nationwide, interoperable payment platform. The Company is continuously exploring areas where there is potential for the introduction of cashless payment services that can serve the convenience and security of the population and all aspects (social, economic and environmental) of domestic sustainability.

It has made great strides and achieved great results, both in terms of the number of transactions processed and the exponential growth in the number of customers using the system, but this would not be enough without social awareness and responsibility. The Company has therefore compiled its Sustainability Report for 2021, which summarises its activities from an operational, rather than a financial, perspective, and provides a comprehensive picture of its operations and initiates a dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders.

It is also important that both public/user and professional dialogue are a high priority in the life of the Company, and it is important to provide up-to-date information, reporting and insight on a number of innovative issues: the recently established NM Innovation, as the NM Plc. Innovation Workshop, in line with the Hungarian digitalisation and innovation efforts, has launched its website and its professional, yet accessible blog, which is constantly updated and can be accessed via the following link:

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