Sustainable dining

Several restaurants and cafes were set up by Graphisoft Park within its premises in order to serve its numerous tenants. Our express goal was to reduce take-out food orders while motivating diners for short open air walks in the Park and to provide a wide variety of freshly prepares meals. At the same time significant reduction of waste is achieved, way less plastic and paper are wasted and less leftovers are generated.

The operation of our restaurants are in tune with the basic values of Graphisoft Park, to be in perfect harmony with nature, while preserving it. Local suppliers and produce are most welcome at our restaurants where the operators provide a variety of healthy foods. Self-service system was introduced in our restaurants on serving-weight based payment, resulting in significant reduction of food waste, since patrons only buy as much as they need. Graphisoft Park secured agreements with restaurant operators for ensuring the everyday presence of healthy meal choices on their menu. Some of our restaurants even indicate the meat-to-vegetable or carbohydrate ratio in their served dishes. We have also launched a place specializing in sustainable food, that is becoming ever more popular among our environmentally conscious diners.

In recent years, Graphisoft Park was regularly inviting primary growers to directly sell their quality produce, so that tenants can buy fresh food bypassing the retail outlets. The most popular is the sale of strawberries in May – June. From March this year, a vegetable and fruit stand will also set up at the Park on a daily basis.

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