New Head of the BCSDH’s Future Leaders Program

Zita Szederkényi will take up the position of head of the Future Leaders program at the Business Council for Sustainable Development Hungary (BCSDH) from January 2018.

Zita has been playing an active role in BCSDH’s “Future Leaders” talent program for some years.

Since November 2014 she has been working in the corporate relationship department of Dreher, where she is in charge of communication- and sustainability-related areas. Previously, she was accountable for similar activities at Heineken for many years.

She is most proud of her accomplishments in the field of sustainability. Her company’s sustainability indexes have seen a sharp increase since 2015, and Zita sees the key to success as cooperating with the right partners. She created a breakthrough with the “Ésszel iszom” program which won the Prizma prize, and the initiation of a gapfiller program that teaches about the dangers of alcohol consumption during pregnancy, in which the company cooperated with the LÉTRA Foundation.

She is a volunteer and mentor in the field of debt management at BAGázs, which is engaged in Roma integration. Furthermore, she assists Amnesty International’s work as a volunteer human rights instructor. She holds an arts degree from the French faculty of Eötvös Loránd University, and an degree in economics from the faculty of international communication at Budapest Metropolitan University. She devotes her leisure time to activities like travelling and becoming familiar with different cultures. She is interested in intercultural communication and basically the whole spectrum of corporate sustainability.

She will fulfil the duties involved with the “Future Leaders” talent program while remaining Dreher’s corporate relationship manager.

The previous head of this program, Zsuzsanna Répássy, will continue her career with developing her own business after a very successful year of work with this program. We wish to thank her for her conscientious work!

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