Preparation for the domestic IPCC climate report has started – BCSDH represented the voice of companies at the working conference in Szeged

Márta Irén, Managing Director of BCSDH represented the business sector at the Climate Change in Hungary: National Evaluation Report Scoping Work Conference in Szeged.

Leading lectures were held by Diána Ürge-Vorsatz, László Z. Antal, and Tamás Gál,  followed by thought-provoking presentations on the domestic aspects of climate change from a stakeholder perspective.

Irén Márta also gave a lecture in which she pointed out the most important aspects of the report regarding the business sector. Her presentation was based on questionnaires completed by BCSDH member companies and the related work of the BCSDH.

For companies, the ultimate concern is to predict the economic and social impacts of climate change and its effect on energy use. In terms of regulation and financing, the most interesting issue is Hungarian commitment, and understanding how international climate agreements affect domestic players. Domestic companies are primarily interested in mitigation and adaptation tactics in the area of waste management, raising awareness in the field of the economy, water management, and transportation.

A major part of the working conference involved panel discussions and debates in small groups. As a result of the conference the content and the schedule of the climate report can now be put together. Following the IPCC procedure, a forum of government representatives will finalize the Table of Contents of the Report.

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