Sixth-year “Future Leaders” are over halfway through their program

Thirty-four young leaders have participated in five professional training days in what is the sixth year of the “Future Leaders” talent program until now.

On the basis of an evaluation of ongoing satisfaction surveys, the average for this year’s professional days is higher than last year, partly due to many new developments. At the opening event, thanks to BASF and MVÜK, participants had a chance to get to know each more deeply.

The new “Sustainable Innovation, Products and Services” professional day was launched and hosted by Richter.

The interactive parts of the “Future Leaders” program added colour to all the professional days, including those about Strategic Approach, held at Siemens, Responsible Corporate Governance, held at METRO and Environmental Responsibility, hosted by Budapest Airport. 

The program continues at McDonald’s, Telenor and Essity, with the topics of Partnership with Stakeholders, Transparent Operations, and the Deepening Day.

Participant teams have already begun working on their projects, which focus on water this year.
We would like to thank our mentoring companies for their hospitality and contributions.

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