Successful BCSDH Alumni start

After months-long preparations, the professional program for graduates from the first and second year of Business Council Hungary (BCSDH) Future Leaders Talent Program was hosted by Dreher Breweries Ltd. on the 25th May 2016.

The company’s Managing Director, Robert Cooper opened the day with his short welcome speech, then he answered participants’ questions about the achievements of Dreher Breweries Ltd. in the realm of sustainability and the expected climate change impacts on the company.


During factory visit, participants could experience personally, how the company manages its waste responsibly; which results in 97% by-product and waste recycling.

Following this, Irén Márta, Managing Director of BCSDH talked about the most important global events on sustainability, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) announced in Autumn 2015, and the prospective economic impacts of the Paris Climate Change Conference (COP21).


In relation to the Alumni, Judit László, Business Development Manager at Coface, introduced her preliminary research founding followed by discussions on the Alumni’s prospective operational framework. Professional discussions were continued during beer-tasting, while one of the most inspiring questions was raised by Dr. Krisztina Szegedi, Chairperson of the Ethics Council at MOL Group: „What effect can this training have on the successful operation of some firms?”

BCSDH has initiated the establishment of the Alumni in order to form and provide a professional platform for leaders with knowledge on sustainability and its wide-range impacts on businesses. To put this Alumni forum into effect, an organisers team was form from previous Future Leaders Talent Program participants, including: Krisztina Elischer, Business Manager at Nestlé Hungária; Judit László Business Development Manager at Coface Hungary Credit Management Services;  Judit Jakab, PR coordinator at Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Ltd. and Dr. Nóra Szauder, Legal Counsel at Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Ltd.. Furthermore, Zita Szederkényi, Senior Corporate Affairs Specialist at Dreher Breweries Ltd. took an important role in organising the first Alumni event, and Enikő Fábiánfy, Office Manager at BCSDH was in charge of coordinating the event.


Last but not least, it is important to acknowledge and highlight that ING Bank was the first sponsor of the Alumni.

The next professional program will be taken place at the beginning of October and the host will be HVG.

More photos can be viewed in the gallery.

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