Ecofriendly telematics services from iData Ltd.



“One of the primary goals of iData Ltd. is the creation of ecofriendly telematics services. This led to the creation of the iTrack Green Services package, a unique collection of iTrack products and services with a special focus on environmental protection and human life preservation. Telematics generally refers to the integration of information technology and telecommunication technologies, especially for devices that collect and transmit data in real time. The ecofriendly aspect here means that the services aim to improve energy efficiency, reduce harmful emissions, and minimize the environmental footprint overall.

What are these services and how do they support sustainability?

Online tracking – Enhanced with transportation information, real-time online tracking allows continuous control over your fleet’s cost-effective and green operation.

Optimized routes – Efficient route planning can minimize unnecessary travel and reduce fuel consumption, thereby reducing greenhouse gas CO2 emissions and toxic nitrogen dioxide emissions.

Driving style analysis – Train drivers on ecofriendly driving techniques, provide feedback through reports on excessive acceleration, cornering, sudden braking, or even non-proactive driving. Help them achieve their company’s ESG emission and accident prevention goals.

Fuel consumption monitoring – With our fuel control service, using probes and CAN, you can authentically monitor fuel usage and thereby CO2 emissions, which we share with you in regular reports.

Key-based car booking system – Our solutions regularly monitor the size and composition of your fleet to avoid maintaining unnecessary vehicles, which can lead to unnecessary costs and environmental burdens.

Service monitoring – Regular maintenance and inspection can ensure that vehicles operate in optimal condition. Well-maintained vehicles have lower harmful emissions and greater fuel and cost efficiency.

The iTrack Green Services can help a company operate its vehicle fleet more sustainably, thereby reducing its ecological footprint and helping to achieve environmental goals.