ALTEO 2023 ESG Summary published

The ESG Summary Report is an extract from ALTEO’s Integrated Report, published for the eighth time this year, providing a comprehensive insight into the company’s power plant operations, the development of its electromobility business and its achievements in waste management.

The 2023 ESG Summary Report demonstrates ALTEO’s commitment to sustainability and the efforts it is making to be responsible for the environment, society and the company itself.

In 2023, ALTEO also created its own CSR Strategy, with a special focus on educating employees on sustainability issues, strengthening their social responsibility, organising employee and management volunteering days with local communities, and awareness-raising programmes and donations to civic causes.

The creation of ALTEO’s Renewable Regulatory Centre, new investments and developments, and the installation of charging equipment all embody the company’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Read the full ESG Summary Report here.