AirQuality Presents at HongKong ‘One Earth Summit’

As a significant event hosted by the Institute of Sustainable Development and Technology (IST), the One Earth Summit, Sustainable Development Summit was successfully held and concluded on March 25th at the Regal Hongkong Hotel. More than 1,000 influential leaders and changemakers gathered in Hong Kong to participate in the One Earth Summit, outlining the path towards a sustainable future. Golden Chen, CEO of AQT (AirQuality Technology), the manufacturer of products marketed under the NUXON brand by Mielemed MPM, had the honor of sharing AQT’s environmental, social and economic (ESG) efforts in his speech.

Professor Lu Baowen, founder of the Institute of Sustainable Development and Technology and convener of the One Earth Summit, said in his welcome speech: “The One Earth Summit aims to unite the world to save our only home – Mother Earth. Through this summit, we embark on a journey of six years. The global climate crisis places us at a critical moment in human history. We can either continue down the path of conflict and destruction. Or we can choose to transcend boundaries and differences, and join hands to address climate change in this crucial decade of action. Clearly, we are the root cause of the problem, but we can also be the solution.”

Golden Chen’s keynote speech, titled ‘AQT Electrostatic Purification, More Energy-Efficient with No Consumables,’ has garnered widespread attention from attendees. In his speech, he elaborated on the environmental protection role played by AQT’s consumable-free purifier, detailing its impact on the global environment. The unique feature of this purifier lies in its electronic air filter, which does not require filter replacement and can be repeatedly washed with water, without decrease in purification effectiveness. This not only saves resources but also reduces environmental pollution. Compared to traditional purifiers, AQT’s consumable-free purifier significantly reduces waste generation, thereby enhancing the benefits of sustainable development.

As a company contributing to environmental protection and sustainable development, AQT has been committed to promoting the development and application of green technology. AQT not only continuously improve the performance and efficiency of their products through ongoing innovation but also actively participate in various environmental initiatives and activities, making a valuable contribution to the cause of environmental protection on Earth.

Participating in the One Earth Summit Sustainable Development Summit is not only an opportunity for AQT to showcase its environmental efforts and technological achievements globally but also an important platform for advancing the sustainable development. Through exchanges and collaboration with attendees, AQT will be able to further enhance its influence in the global sustainable development, making even greater contributions to the environmental protection on Earth.

In the face of increasingly severe environmental challenges, we need to work together to seek innovative solutions. “AQT electric purification, consumable-free and more energy-efficient” provides us with a sustainable purification technology, making active attempts to improve air quality and reduce environmental pollution. Believing in the collective efforts of all global parties, we can achieve a better and more sustainable future.

Participating in the One Earth Summit is another important initiative for AQT in promoting environmental protection and sustainable development. AQT’s consumable-free purifier undoubtedly contributes a commendable effort to the environmental protection on Earth, inspiring more people to pay attention to and engage in the pursuit of sustainable development. With the increasing global attention to environmental issues, we look forward to AQT joining hands with more companies to work together for the future of the Earth, creating a more sustainable tomorrow.