Edit Csizmadia is the new Head of Corporate Programs at BCSDH

From 1st September, 2019 onwards, Edit Csizmadia will be the new Head of Corporate Programs of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH).

The new project manager will be responsible for the extended duties of Zsófia Dudás Galambosné, who has just welcomed her third child and will dedicate her time to the family.

Edit Csizmadia has gained more than 10 years of experience in the area of sustainability and communications in several roles: she coordinated TREND FM’s CSR broadcast, she was responsible for the communications at KÖVET Association thus has been involved, among other things, in organizing CSR Market and other conferences, trainings and corporate sustainability projects. As a consultant of Denkstatt Ltd., she supported several companies in the implementation of sustainable corporate projects and conducted researches with several non-governmental organizations. She also gained industrial experience directly as a sustainability expert at MOL Plc. Edit has cooperated with the BCSDH in many of her positions over the years.

The organization, which now has 90 member companies, has reached another phase of its development. The ever-expanding activities make it necessary for and also allows the new Head of Corporate Programs to perform her expanded duties in a full-time job. In addition to the Action2020 Hungary program, the new project manager will also be responsible for developing the strategy of the Action2030 program, managing the Circular Economy Platform representing BCSDH, coordinating the related working groups and expanding the function of BCSDH as an expert.

The primary goal of Edit Csizmadia begins after the worthy closure of the Action 2020 Hungary, when a similarly successful program needs to be established, which responds to the challenges of today’s world, providing sufficient inspiration to domestic CEOs committed to sustainability.

Another important task she highlights, is the real impact of the Circular Economy Platform, which operates at a regional and a national level and is implemented through the active participation of companies and the dissemination of a circular economic model.

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