What does responsible water management mean to companies?

The majority of the effects of climate change will be highly related to water, so companies need to develop climate adaptation strategies considering the continuously changing water circumstances.  – emphasized participants at the CEO roundtable discussions in May and in September that focused on Water through the Action 2020 Hungary program.

BCSDH’s CEO round-table discussions were held in May and continued in September. The purpose of the events was to define those focal areas in which BCSDH can define concrete recommendations and activities for the business sector. The hosts of the round-table discussions were BCSDH’s member companies LeasePlan, Szentkirályi, Future FM and Zwack Unicum.

Participants agreed that all companies, regardless of industry and size, are affected by the drastically changing water conditions. The first significant step in this, is the development of climate adaptation strategies and the implementation of circular water management. Preventing consumption, reducing, reusing, and recycling used water, as well releasing it back will all contribute to reducing company’s water footprint. Finally, it is crucial to create partnerships in the value chain and operational environment to increase water efficiency and water renewal.

The aim of BCSDH is to define recommendations and activities for the business sector regarding water with which companies can create real impact. Moreover, companies can introduce their business solutions on 10th October at BCSDH’s business lunch and in related publications so that they can be adapted by other companies.

The main sponsor of the Action2020 program in 2019 is Nestlé; highlighted sponsor is McDonald’s; further sponsors include: Alteo, BDL, E.ON, Essity, Folprint, HungaroControl, HVG, MOL, Rossmann, Unilever.

Photos taken at these events can be found on a gallery at our website.

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