This approach is necessary for the transition to a carbon-neutral economy – participants of “The Future Leaders Talent Program” 2021 received their certificates

Graduates of the 2021 class of the Future Leaders Talent Program received their certificates at BCSDH’s business lunch on October 7. Together with this year’s 32 participants (the eighth year of the program), nearly 250 young leaders have now already graduated from the Future Leaders Talent Program of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH).

“Our unique Future Leaders Talent Program in Europe has never been more important than it is now. The attitude and knowledge obtained here are extremely important for moving towards a carbon-neutral economy as soon as possible” said Márta Irén, Director of BCSDH.

During the diverse program, participants can learn about ethical operations, strategy, and sustainability, not only from recognized experts but also from practicing leaders, while being introduced to mentor companies. There are nearly fifty mentors per class: corporate leaders, civil, academic and corporate experts help participants get to know about opportunities in the business sector from as many perspectives as possible.

Participants of the eighth class, as in previous years, were typically young leaders at BCSDH’s member companies who work in a variety of disciplines. This year started in a virtual space, but thanks to the new structure of the professional days and the alleviation of the pandemic, the summer events and the Deepening Day could be organized in a hybrid form, with an increasing number of participants meeting face to face.

“With more and more new techniques, we have made the online days even more colorful and interactive, including domestic and international news such as the labor market challenges of the relaunch, and the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. Participants were able to obtain first-hand information about sustainability and the current challenges of sustainable corporate operations from a number of domestic and international authorities. Our speakers included Prof. Dr. Diána Ürge-Vorsatz (IPCC), Dr. Gábor Bartus (NFFT), and Sándor Baja (Randstad) through a virtual lecture and discussion. And the project work related to the climate-neutral economy was an excellent example of the participants’ start-up thinking,” said Zita Szederkényi, head of the program.

During the training days, the BCSDH’s Comprehensive Interpretation of Corporate Sustainability management recommendations cover each point, the theoretical background, and corporate practice (Strategic Approach, Responsible Corporate Governance, Respect for Core Values, Environmental Responsibility, Partnership with Stakeholders, Ethical and Transparent Sustainable Products, Services and Innovation, which have been present for the last three years). The 32 graduates of year 2021 were able to receive their certificates at the BCSDH business lunch on October 7. Together with this year’s graduates, the Alumni organization of the Future Leaders Talent Program now includes graduates from eight iterations of the course, involving nearly 250 young leaders.


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