Why is the phone’s dialing sound different when calling from abroad? – an exciting lab tour at Nokia at the Future Leaders Alumni meeting

Why is the phone’s dialing sound different when calling from abroad? How many phone calls can a phone tower handle at the same time? How is 5G made? And how do you present to your managers that sustainable investments are really worth it? These are couple of the topics from the latest Alumni meeting of the Future Leaders Talent Program, held on November 23 at Nokia.

Attila Baranyai, Nokia’s Global Logistics Quality Manager, and participant of the 2018 class, hosted the Alumni team of the Future Leaders Talent Program at the Nokia Skypark Office Building. Nokia’s team in Hungary is one of the company’s most significant and successful research and development units. The company’s engineers showed the team around the lab, and we could see how the 5G network – that is used in more and more parts of the world – is being developed in Hungary. They also told us about what we can expect in the future in the field of networks. Attila talked about the sustainability activities of the company, including the supply chain area. He also presented the project of József Pap, Nokia’s Strategic Procurement Manager, Warehouse&Packaging, and participant of the 2014 class, about the introduction of hybrid (cardboard and wood-based) pallets and how its economic/financial and environmental effects were presented to the company’s management.

“It’s a real pleasure to finally meet in person again” said Irén Márta. The director of BCSDH talked about this year’s results, the plans for the next year and together they discussed the Alumni Mentor Program as well as how to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Future Leaders Talent Program next year.

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