Our new member is Access4you International

Our newest member is Access4you International Ltd., which was established in 2019 by the founders Balázs Berecz and Tamás Méri. The company, managed by Balázs Berecz, employs 4 people and its first year sales are expected to be 50 million HUF.


Access4you International Ltd. provides validated, credible and detailed information for people with special needs about the accessibility of properties, by assessing them based on the Access4you certification system.

The company strives for sustainability regarding social environment and of economic development. Their mission is to contribute to a collaborative social environment and they also encourage their customers to participate in this in a way that is also economically beneficial to them. Accessibility is introduced to their Clients not only as a valuable manifestation of corporate social responsibility, but as a means of profitability. They are committed to the values of human dignity, freedom, and equal opportunities, thus to ensure their ethical operations, they applied for RICS membership. They believe that the diverse backgrounds of the colleagues are essential to the development and success of the company. They encourage the use of public and car-free transport among their colleagues. The workplace processes are fully digitized, and on-site auditors also work with paperless documentation using digital tools.

The purpose of their membership is to build business relationships, to support the social responsibility policies of BCSDH member companies in an economically efficient way, and to encourage constructive contributions to equal opportunities by communicating about accessibility features of their properties and by improving accessibility.

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